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    The core of what makes me tick started in the Army. Being married to an Army officer and years of military service taught me the fine arts of discipline, precision and planning. Those same traits served me well years later while I served as a police officer in Michigan; Order, contingency planning, the ability to look ahead, while keeping an eye on my back, the discipline to follow a process. That’s how financial planning works, being prepared for what life serves up – and ready to act when it matters.
    After earning my MBA and the full slate of financial and insurance licenses, I quickly built a successful business with a prestigious financial planning group in Atlanta. Each phase of my career has served a purpose. And I’m happy to say; I’ve found my passion.
    I created Haven Point Wealth because it allows me to focus on real folks just like my wife and me. Hard working individuals who want to set a plan in place to make their money work for them. It starts with a comprehensive budget and a savings plan to help prepare and navigate for the future – but prepared to deal with the unexpected. Today we’re proud parents of six beautiful children – and yes, we were ready for them. And we’re ready to serve you too.
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    Financial Coach and Advisor.